NJCAN Products

  • NJCAN Adult and Agency

    NJCAN Adult and Agency version provides users a resource for practically any career information need. Easy to access and simple to use, NJCAN provides a wealth of occupational and educational information.   Brochure

  • NJCAN College

    NJCAN College version provides comprehensive information for students of all ages. College and university students use NJCAN to set career and educational goals, connect majors to the world of work, locate scholarships, prepare to transfer to another institution, and find graduate schools.  NJCAN is an important tool for career and educational planning for successful transitions.

  • NJCAN High School

    NJCAN High School version provides comprehensive career information for students developing and updating educational plans. Using NJCAN in high school supports lifelong career planning and promotes career self-reliance. NJCAN includes tools that encourage self-assessment, exploration, research, goal setting, and decision-making.   Brochure

  • NJCAN Junior

    NJCAN Junior version supports reading, writing, decision-making, and critical thinking skills while developing self-awareness, career exploration, research, and planning skills. The reading requirement for this product is fifth-grade level, making it appropriate for special populations.   Brochure